5 reasons you shouldn’t join Careem (and a lot more reasons you should!)

We’re excited to finally share our investment prospectus (a fancy term for an employee pitchbook) with the region’s most ambitious talent! If you’re looking for an opportunity to unlock your full potential, challenge yourself beyond your imagination, and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, we invite you to join us. 😌🚀

Careem offers a unique approach to working that’s founded on ownership and trust. Colleagues show extreme commitment to high performance, and, in turn, enjoy a lot of freedom. We also leverage our technology to streamline internal processes and we prioritise ways of working that create equal experiences for colleagues collaborating from multiple locations.

Colleagues at Careem collaborate in a buzzing startup environment, working together on solutions to some of the biggest pain points in our region. You’ll have the chance to improve the region’s payment infrastructure, solve logistical challenges, streamline mobility services, support e-commerce growth, and more. We encourage colleagues to make a difference not only at Careem, but also in their local communities. (You can read more about our social impact here.)

Having said that, we recognise that Careem may not be the right fit for everyone, and that’s okay. Here are five reasons why you might not want to join Careem: 😬

  1. Your top priority is cash compensation 💸– Careem isn’t the best place to earn a paycheck if you’re only considering the money; the reward extends far greater than that with equity, learnings, and  impact.
  2. You’re looking for a comfortable 9 to 5 💆🏻‍♂️ – Careem’s ambition is to radically simplify and improve lives for millions across the region, and that means out-hustling the competition and seeing projects through to delivering impact no matter how long it takes. Whether that lasts 4 or 14, we dont believe in allocating time bound restrictions on our colleagues. 
  3. You thrive on structure and certainty 🏢– Careem iterates its operating model, business strategy, and ways of working all the time. If you’re looking for a lot of systems, processes, and predictability, Careem may not be the best place for you.
  4. Your ideal growth opportunity is being sent on a course 📚– At Careem, we provide a hands-on learning experience. If you’re seeking an employer who will cover the expenses for your MBA, you should explore other options. However, if you’re interested in working alongside thebrightest minds in the industry and gaining valuable hands-on experience, then Careem is the ideal place for you.
  5. You want a fancy corner office 🫅– Careem invests resources in growth bets and customer experience rather than fancy offices and hierarchy.

To learn more about Careem, our ways of working, and your potential growth trajectory – we invite you to explore Careem’s Investment Prospectus here!


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