5 Skills to develop at ANY age!

1- Cook your food.

Take out is great but what’s even greater is knowing how to cook. In today’s world, knowing what goes into your food is very important to maintain a healthy wellbeing. Give yourself the choice to avoid all the additives and chemicals. As you do that, you will automatically learn how to meal prep, save money, & eat on time. Bring out your inner Gordon Ramsey 😉


2- Managing Time

An hour goes by quickly. 24 of those make a day. Imagine what all you could do with managing time more effectively?  Today, this is considered a skill with all the distractions surrounding us. On tip is to get a planner; write down your goals to achieve for the day on a piece of paper or anywhere that is noticeable for you. That will give you a sense of what needs to be done & all of your priorities. You will automatically dismiss any distraction & things will be moving at your own pace from a pink perspective. Remember, you can always book a Careem & get your things done on the go, Stress- Free!


3- The art of speaking

In the future you might be a CEO, or maybe a President (Never stop dreaming). Or you are actually a school or university student introducing yourself in a public speaking course. You don’t want to have a stage fright or mumble then. The way you introduce yourself & speak highlights people’s first impression of you. That is so important for people who work with people on a daily basis. It is never too late to take an online or live course of how to speak in different types of occasions.


4- Move like a Ninja

No matter your age, the human body can do miracles. Once you get up & find something that you enjoy moving for, you will notice power you have. There are various body skills that you can develop for every age & physical situation. Get to know your body & experiment till you find your Ninja move.


5- Learning new languages

There is nothing like learning a new language and exploring new horizons. You could be working for a company like Careem which is present in several countries & has a treasure of multi-speaking culture. Keep in mind that people do love it when you speak to them in their language. It shows respect & value to their country and culture. If you find it hard to do so on your own you can always take a class or teach your kids at a young age. A generation that is aware of other cultures and languages is crucial in our world today.