70 things that Careem did in 2018

It’s been a big year for Careem, from launching into new countries and enabling women to become Captains in Saudi Arabia to charity initiatives and whole new verticals of business, we’ve been working hard to improve lives all across the region. Here are just 70 of the things that we did throughout 2018.

JAN 15 – Became the first ride-hailing company to launch in Baghdad as we contributed towards the rebuilding of Iraq

JAN 22  Raised $100,000 in donations for MENA refugees through region-wide initiative

JAN 22 – Expanded our services into Sargodha to improve mobility for the 650,000 residents.

JAN 25 – Helped 1,000 entrepreneurs in Pakistan to start their own business.

JAN 31 – Expanded the Careem service to the 2.3 million people living in Mardan

Careem 2018

FEB 4 – Handed out complimentary gift baskets in Pakistan.

FEB 11We reduced prices in Abu Dhabi making it even more accessible for people to get around the UAE capital.

FEB 14 We launched GO Mini in Pakistan.

FEB 14 – Made it possible to rent a cruise boat in Jeddah via the Careem app.

FEB 15 – Received over 1,000 application from Saudi women to become Captinahs ahead of lifting of Saudi driving ban.

FEB 17 – Introduced inter-city travel in Pakistan.

FEB 18We’re always looking to invest in technology and we acquired RoundMenu as we began a move into the delivery industry.

Careem 2018

MAR 6 – Reduced our rates to make ride even more affordable. 

MAR 8On International Women’s Day we made a promise to hire 20,000 Captinahs by 2020

MAR 27 – Set up a partnership with Landmark Group to give discounts to Careem users.

MAR 29 – Launched our services in Quetta, bringing improved mobility and jobs to the 2.2m people living there.

MAR 30 – We’re creating between 60,000 and 70,000 jobs per month, enough to fill a football stadium

Careem 2018

APR 1 – We announced on April 1 that we will soon be taking customers to space, via the new SPACE beta app.

APR 13 – Joined with a social initiative to help feed 10,000 poor Pakistanis

APR 22Teamed up with the UN refugee agency UNHCR to launch car type to raise money for the charity.

Careem 2018

MAY 4Provided an ambulance service in Pakistan.

MAY 8Began offering trike trips in Dubai Marina. 

MAY 9 – Launched an education programme for Captains’ children.

MAY 15We made it easier to get financing for rickshaws

MAY 17Provided free cars to collect surplus food for donation during Ramadan.

MAY 31 – Launched environmentally-friendly Tesla cars on the Careem app so you can help the environment and travel quietly. 

MAY 29 – Began offering a cheaper service in Abu Dhabi to bring mobility to even more people.

Careem 2018

JUNE 3 – Gave free rides to people in Palestine wanting to get to the Mosque during Ramadan.

JUNE 10Our managing director Junaid spoke at TEDx. 

JUNE 11 – Made travelling with children even safer with launch of award-winning child seats.

JUNE 21 – Provided discounted heathcare to our Captains.

JUNE 24We helped women in Saudi Arabia move from the back seat to the front as we welcomed our first female Captainahs.

Careem 2018

JUL 2Gave refugee in Jordan a platform to speak.

JUL 3When Pakistan was hit by the heaviest rains in 38 years and cities were flooded we arranged boats to get people around the flooded areas.

JUL 12 – Handed out 5,547 meals to homeless people in Morocco.

JUL 12We partnered to support El Dar Programme – a midway house, which is used as a safe shelter for women survivors of violence or women and children at risk.

JUL 15Helped reduce traffic congestion in Egyptian cities with our bike service.

JUL 15Took part in the in the A.I. Summer Camp Programme with the UAE Minister for State for Artificial Intelligence Office, and helped encourage young people from the region to get involved in tech.

JUL 21We celebrated our sixth birthday

JUL 21We set up an MOU to work with two taxi firms in Morocco.

JUL 26We gave free rides to people in Pakistan on election day to help get them to the polls. 

Careem 2018

AUG 2Added a new addition to the app in Saudi Arabia to help visually impaired customers.

AUG 16Careem was a winner at the Digi Awards 2018.

AUG 9We helped over 3,000 Pakistani captains become car owners and entrepreneurs.

AUG 11Handed out ice creams in Iraq, just because we thought it was a nice thing to do.

AUG 25 Careem’s sustainability team partnered with World Wildlife Fund to collect funds for the plantation of 10,000 trees in Pakistan on Independence Day.

AUG 30 – Expanded reach to offer a delivery service in Pakistan.

Careem 2018

SEP 1Launched services in Sukkur, Pakistan, bringing affordable mobility and jobs to a further 500,000 people.

SEP 3We reached one million Captains on the Careem app, meaning that’s one million jobs we have created since we launched.

SEP 9 We officially started our services in Khartoum – our first city in Sudan and our 14th country overall.

SEP 10We acquired the bus service shuttle app Commut.

SEP 29We went to the UN and announced a commitment to upskilling 200 refugees.

Careem 2018

OCT 1We launched a new service in Muscat in partnership with Marhaba Taxi to become the only ride hailing operator to offer a service across all six GCC countries.

OCT 3Announced that we have started a policy of unlimited vacation for Careem employees. 

OCT 4 – To support Breast Cancer awareness month we gave away 500 mammography vouchers. 

OCT 5Addressed the attendees at Techcrunch Disrupt in Lebanon.

OCT 7Signed an MOU with Qatar Rail to provide a fare promotion.

OCT 10 – We expanded our services to Bahawalpur bringing Careem’s services to 800,000 people there. 

OCT 11Began testing peer-to-peer credit transfer as we expand our service into payments.

OCT 18Secured the first close of a $500m investment round.

OCT 31Announced we were one of the most diverse tech companies – and why that’s so important.

Careem 2018

NOV 6Delivered flu vaccinations direct to homes in cities and provinces across Saudi Arabia.

NOV 7Distributed free smog kits in Pakistan.

NOV 7Launched the Business Profile feature to help business travellers separate their work life from personal on the Careem app.

NOV 11 – Signed a partnership deal with Abu Dhabi to collaborate to enhance the tourist experience in the capital.

NOV 20Provided earning opportunities to Emiratis and sons and daughters of Emirati women living in Abu Dhabi.

NOV 26We helped make the streets of Alexandria more wheelchair friendly.

Careem 2018

DEC 2Our Captains created the largest GPS tracked message for National Day

DEC 4 – We launched a bus service in Egypt as we moved into mass transportation.

DEC 6Our CEO and co-founder was included in the Bloomberg 50 list of people who are changing the global business landscape.

DEC 17 – Careem NOW launches food delivery stating with Dubai and Jeddah.

DEC 18Careem was voted the Best Brand Voice in MENA on Twitter.