A delivery service for your small items with Careem Box

Let’s assume you forgot your laptop at home and you have a meeting you can’t miss but you really need your laptop for it, you are panicking and you don’t know what is the way out as you don’t have any time left to drive back and pick it up.

You can now rely on Careem to pick up and deliver small items across Dubai for you through it’s Careem Box delivery service, our new delivery service for sending, tracking, and receiving small items, like keys, documents, cell phones, laptops, pharmacy pickups or even a pair of shoes.

Careem Box carries all the same benefits as booking a Careem Car with a significantly more affordable prices. You can track your captain and arrival of your goods, speak to a customer agent if you have any concerns and trust that you are in good hands and your items are safe.

To save you the hassle, Careem Box even offers to purchase items on your behalf, up to AED 300,  which you’ll be able to settle upon receipt.

Here are the basics:

  • Book a Careem Box by selecting it from the car type menu on the Careem app.
  • The nearest bike will be matched with you and you’ll see the estimated arrival time and fare estimate.
  • Once the delivery is made, the ride is charged to your Careem account and you can pay the way you want: cash, card or credit.
  • The items should not exceed a maximum size of 45x45x45

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