Bahrain is LIVE!

We are proud to announce that we are now in Bahrain. Order your ride using our app and let us take you to places, hassle-free. For the latest offers and giveaways, follow us on our social media pages: @CareemBAH 

How do people use Careem? You’re in for a ride, LITERALLY:

  • Scheduled “LATER” bookings for airport rides: We’ll assign a captain before you even land!

  • Out having fun at night with friends? Let us drive you back safely

  • Never fight for a parking spot again – No parking issues with us.

  • Get more done on your way to work – let us take you there.

  • Huge traffic on the weekend? Save yourself the anxiety and ride with us.

  • Stuck at work and can’t drive your kid to soccer practice? We’ll drop them safely.

  • It’s time for a lunchbreak at work, just tap 2 buttons and get a car to your office location.

  • Traveling? We are the only app that lets you pre-book a LATER ride in any of our 28 cities!

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