Careem Captain

How to become a Careem Captain in Pakistan

Careem Captain is one of the fastest growing job titles in Pakistan.

Careem now has one million Captains registered to drive with them and we’re not finished yet – far from it. We are now creating between 60,000 and 70,000 jobs per month across more than 100 cities in 14 countries as tens of thousands of people register to earn money as a driver for Careem.

When Careem was launched, one of the original motivations behind it was to do something that was big and meaningful. Now, six years later, one million people have joined and become Captains for Careem, gaining meaningful employment across the greater MENA region. There were a lot of people in places like Pakistan who were not employed, or were under-employed, but now they earning money and working flexible hours.

Careem earning opportunities are available and you can become a Careem Captain and start earning money driving in Pakistan. Earning opportunities include full-time and part time driving jobs and how to join Careem has never been easier.

Job opportunities and how to work with Careem and earn money as a driver

Whether its Careem bike registration, Careem rickshaw registration, ride a bike with Careem or Careem car registration to drive, the process is simple, although you still need a few more things than just the ability to drive a car. But once you are registered on the Careem app to drive you can start earning money as a Careem Captain.

How to work with Careem as a driver

You must be over 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and own an Android device to receive bookings on our app. After reviewing your application we’ll invite you for a training session. When training is complete, you can start to earn money driving as a Captain in Lahore, or elsewhere driving in Pakistan, with full or part time driving jobs.

Click here for more details of how to work with Careem and to register your interest as a Captain.

Careem has also helped over 3,000 people become a captain drive in Pakistan and earn money by arranging car loans to enable people to become entrepreneurs and drivers. Following the process of how to join Careem is the same but then Careem has helped with car loans to get the driver started.

Careem Captains are entrepreneurs at heart and have come from all types of background, but all are now earning money as Careem Captains. Pakistan needs entrepreneurs and creating all these jobs is just one of the contributions Careem is making to the Pakistan economy. We love the fact that we are able to help our Captains start their journey towards financial sustainability and create more opportunities for people to become self-sufficient.


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