Careem box now offers a delivery service for your small items.

Sometimes you just need a ride… for your stuff. But who wants to book a Careem ride for their house keys? We get it.
That’s why we created Careem Box, our new affordable delivery service for sending, tracking, and receiving small items, like keys, documents, pharmacy pickups, or even a pair of shoes. Just book a Box, and a rider will arrive on a motorbike to take whatever it is you need transported, to wherever you need it to go.
We even take it a step further by offering to pay up to AED500 on your behalf, that will be collected from you upon delivery. You can find all the info and some helpful FAQs here, but here are the basics:
• When you need an item to travel across town, book a Careem Box by selecting it from the car type menu.
• The nearest bike will be matched with you and you’ll see an ETA and fare estimate.
• You can track your items in real time as they travel with Careem Box.
• Once the delivery is made, the ride is charged to your Careem account and you can pay the way you want: cash, card or credit.
• Careem Box will be significantly more affordable than a passenger car type.
Why not try it out, and let us know what you think. Go on, book a Box!
Yalla let’s go!
The Careem Team