Calling all Mastercard holders: Enjoy free trips to Kuwait airport!

Are you a Mastercard holder? We have something just for you!

Enjoy complimentary airport rides from now until December 31, 2023 🚗

If you are a Mastercard World holder, will get 2 Free airport rides per year Just use promo code MAKUW2 on your rides

If you are a Mastercard World Elite holder, will get 6 Free airport rides per year. Just use promo code MAKUW6 on your rides.

Enjoy your free rides 💚

Things to know:

  • Maximum discount is 4.3 KWD per ride
  • Valid across all car types
  • Valid for Mastercard payments only (WORLD AND WORLD ELITE)
  • Not valid on Apple Pay
  • Valid if the pickup or dropoff is airport
  • Valid until December 31, 2023

Yalla, let’s go!


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