Get more with Captain Rewards!

To recognise the commitment and high-quality service of Captains like you, we’ve launched Captain Rewards! With our new Captain Rewards programme, your amazing dedication automatically unlocks higher tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) and awesome benefits like removing low ratings, increasing cash limits, destination filters and peak factors.

Scroll down to see how you can check your Captain Tier!


Captain Tiers

There are four Captain Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Every Captain begins their journey as Bronze. The higher your tier, the more rewards you get! Check your Captain Tier now under your profile on the Captain app.


What are the benefits?

Remove low ratings

  • We will provide you the lowest rated trips of your last 100 trips, and you will be able to remove your lowest ratings to increase your average rating.
  • If you don’t have any low ratings, save it for when you need it in the next three months.


Increase cash limits

  • Your cash limit will automatically be increased for 3 months based on your tier reward. This will allow you to take more trips before settling your cash balance with Careem.


More destination filters

  • Your destination filters will automatically be increased for 3 months based on your tier reward. You can check your daily filter count by clicking on destination filter.


Auto-apply peak factor

  • This will be done automatically and will only apply to trips with no peak.
  • Our system will select one trip per week randomly and apply a peak factor every week.
  • You will be able to see the trip where peak was applied in your weekly Captain earnings.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why should you care about becoming a Silver, Gold or Platinum tier Captain?
  • To enjoy rewards that support you in your time with us on the Careem platform. The higher the tier, the more the rewards.


  1. How is the Rewards programme setup?
  • Captain Rewards is tier based. It is based on the 4 existing tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • All tiers are same as before except that “Careem Tier” is now renamed to “Platinum”
  • Tiers will be set on a quarterly basis (Jan, April, July, Oct) based on the last quarter’s performance.
  • Default tier for new Captains will be the Bronze.


  1. How it works – Tier duration:
  • To move to higher tiers, you need to take more trips while maintaining a minimum quality rating. Your Captain app will display criteria for each tier.
  • Anytime you achieve the trips and average rating to qualify for a tier, you will automatically get upgraded to this tier.
  • Tiers will be for the next quarter, and you can enjoy the associated rewards across this time period.
  • If your trips and/or quality rating drops, your tier will only be downgraded in the next quarterly cycle.
  • You can always track your performance via the Captain app.


  1. What are the rewards for each tier?
Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1. Remove low ratings Default of your city 4 per quarter 8 per quarter 12 per quarter
2. Increase cash limits Default of your city 10% higher than default in city 25%higher than default in city 50% higher than default in city
3. More Destination filters Default of your city Default of your city 1 extra per day 2 extra per day
4. Auto-Apply peak factor on trips Default of your city 1.1x on 2 trips 1.2x on 4 trips 1.3x on 6 trips
5. Exclusive incentives Yes

(flash bonus etc)


  1. How to redeem your rewards:

ALL rewards will be applied automatically as soon as you qualify for the higher tier. There is no need for any actions on your end, except to remove the low rated trips.