Actions we’re taking to keep our Captains safe

As movement restrictions ease up and we welcome back mobility, we want you to be assured of the best in class safety measures that Careem is putting in place to give you a peaceful and safe ride. These guidelines are to be followed to ensure safety of both our customers and Captains.  

Masks and PPE
To ensure the safety of everyone around us, all Captains must wear face coverings or masks during the trip. We’ve asked our customers to do the same. We also recommend that, as a Captain, you wear disposable gloves especially when accepting cash.


Passenger Seating Capacity
To allow more space between you and your customer, we are mandating all our customers to not sit in the front seat. As a Captain you can ask customers to sit only in the back seat and keep the front seat unoccupied.


Captain Self-Certification and Cleanliness
Before you can go online, you will be asked to confirm that you are wearing a mask, are in good health (no signs of fever or flu), you have disinfected your car on the day of starting the service, routinely disinfect between rides and that there are cleaning supplies in the car. Please ensure that you have disinfecting supplies (like alcohol based sprays, cleaning wipes and hand sanitisers in the car at all times).


Car Ventilation
You have to circulate fresh air in your vehicle before every trip by opening all 4 windows for 3-5 minutes. You can do this while on the way to the next customer.


Rating Customers on Hygiene
When rating your customer, be sure to include any health and hygiene concerns, such as passengers taking off their masks.


Cashless and Contact-Free
We are encouraging customers to add credit/debit cards so that you can have a cashless experience. With options to have daily payouts we believe our Captain community can safely accept cashless trips and be paid on time. Additionally, we also recommend avoiding all physical contact with customers during the ride and wearing disposable gloves if exchanging cash.


COVID-19 Sick Pay Policy
We are providing sick pay financial support for 14 days to any Careem Captain who is diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or placed in individual quarantine by a public health authority in any of the markets where Careem operates. More details here.