Nine years ago, I set up my own IT company in Pakistan. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I finally got my chance. The company was doing very well, and I was truly blessed. Most of my customers were from outside of Pakistan and so with some new laws being implemented, it made transactions extremely difficult.

In 2012, I decided to move my business to Dubai and continue operating from there. Business was booming and as the company grew, I hired more and more people to work with me. Unfortunately, three years on, I started experiencing several financial slums and it kept getting worse. By 2017, I couldn’t even afford to pay for the company licence.

Even though it was an extremely difficult decision to make, I had no choice but to sell the company. Following that, I tried to find a job in field but to no avail. I decided to broaden my horizon and look at different possibilities. That’s when I found Careem and signed up to be a Captain.

Many people might consider it an odd choice since it is a completely different profession than what I’m used to, but I have absolutely no regrets or issues working as a Careem Captain as now I am an entrepreneur

In less than a year, I now have four Captains working through my cars. Essentially, I’ve built my own business and I plan on investing in even more cars. I’m also able to make my own schedule, so that I’m able to work on IT projects on the side. When I had my own company back in Pakistan, I had developed a software that several companies still use to this day. So, this past New Year’s, I travelled to Singapore to help update the software for a client. I had the freedom and time to do such things only because I’m a Careem Captain.

It’s also a blessing in my personal life. My wife and four sons still live in Pakistan. I’m extremely happy that I’m able to travel back and see them every three months. During the summer time, they come and spend it here with me and I’m able to make time for them.

I will likely go back to working in my own field at some point, but I think I will always keep Careem as a second stream of revenue. While my experience in Dubai marked the end of a big venture of my life, it was also the start of something truly amazing.


Ehsan Ul Haq, Careem Captain