Captain Stories Project: Nabil Abdellatif

“Life’s ultimate pleasure is work. I take life very seriously, maybe it’s because I’m a dad of two boys, and maybe it’s just my nature.

“When I was younger, I thought I was going to become a football player. I was on the junior league team for the Tirsana Club, and I was on my way to becoming a league player until I started to experience a heart condition, I was 16 years old then. I had to quit the club, and as painful as it was to leave football behind, I managed to take all the medication and therapy required to make a full recovery. I want my boys to become football players; I’m already planting the idea in their heads! They’re three and five years old, but I can already tell from the way they kick the ball around with me at our local park that they’ve got it in them like their father did. Football keeps you away from bad habits while you’re growing up anyways, so I’m happy to push them into it while they’re growing up.

“When I left football and after finishing my college degree in Trade and Economics, I started working for a multi-national company as a driver. I took on another job for extra income with a government oil and gas company, and the discipline I developed after juggling two jobs has been great. I’m going to be eligible for an early-retirement pension when I turn 41 years old thanks to this government position, so I plan on retiring early. I saw my father work hard when I was growing up, and he never got a chance to relax. I don’t want that to be my case. I want to work really hard now so I can spend time with my boys later on when they’re really going to need me.”

Nabil, 28, Cairo