Become a Careem Ambassador

You can now earn money by referring potential Captains to Careem. If they sign up and are accepted as a Captain, you will be rewarded.

Until now, only Captains who are currently working with us could refer others to our platform and make money for doing so. We wanted to open that facility up to more people, so the Careem Ambassador app was developed to enable anyone to be able to refer Captains to the Careem ecosystem.

The app signs up Ambassadors to the Careem platform enabling people to refer potential Captains to us and was launched in Saudi Arabia to support the Saudization project. We plan to expand the app to other countries in future.  

The app contains features including referral tracking – so you can see how the person you refereed is progressing –  as well as a bonus rewards system that grows with the number of captains referred.

An Android version can be downloaded now from the Saudi Google Playstore and will an iOS version will be available in the near future. If you know someone who might make a good Captain at Careem, install the app and be rewarded for your recommendation.