As an organisation whose mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people, Careem decided 2018 was going to be the year we paid extra close attention to what we were doing for women in our region.

This is why on international women’s day this year, we pledged to bring onboard 20,000 female Captains by 2020. We also launched our internal women@Careem network – a internal program created for and by our female colleagues to network and engage with each other, but most importantly, to raise awareness of and promote an inclusive culture for men and women to learn from each other.

Staying true to this, last Christmas, we ran a “HOHOHO” promocode campaign which enabled users to collect five percent of their rides using the HOHOHO promocode. After one month, the top users with the most donations, were allowed to pick the NGO all proceeds would be donated to. The winning NGO was ABAAD – a non-profit organisation founded in June 2011 which fought for violence against women.

The campaign resulted in 2,868 trips in just one month with all the money collected, donated towards ABAAD, who put the money towards the El Dar Program. The El Dar Program is a midway house, which is used as a safe shelter for women survivors of violence or women and children at risk.

“As a mission driven organisation, we’re proud to have donated to ABAAD – an NGO focused on promoting equality, protection and empowerment of marginalised groups, especially of women,” said Nadia Rouchdy, Head of Sustainability and Social Impact at Careem. “As the only tech unicorn from the region, a lot of organisations are looking to us for guidance and that’s why such initiatives are important to us. We want to improve the lives of people in our region and this is just a small step in that direction, with many more to come.” To learn more about Abaad, you can click here.