That’s why Careem is participating in the A.I. Summer Camp Programme in conjunction with the UAE Ministry for State for Artificial Intelligence.

We’re best known as a ride-hailing firm but Careem is, first and foremost, a tech company.

We have close to 400 developers working on the platform in our headquarters in Dubai, and across research and development centres located in Berlin and Karachi and our tech workforce is the engine that enables the transportation to happen.

As a tech company we are building some deep-tech capabilities on par with what is currently being done in Silicon Valley, and the fact that we are doing it here in this region is hugely significant. It enables us to bring back the best tech people who are from this region but left because there was nowhere for them to work at a high level.

And with more talent returning – or not needing to leave in the first place – it will help the region to launch other tech start-ups and reverse the “brain drain”. This is one of the reasons why this month we’re participating in the A.I. Summer Camp Programme with UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence Omar bin Sultan Al Olama.

From July 15th – 17th two of Careem’s data scientists, Yusuf Saber and Oussama Berqi, will be hosting three days of sessions to high school and university students in collaboration with the UAE Minister for State for A.I. and Dubai Future Foundation at the Dubai Future Accelerators. Starting with an introduction to artificial intelligence, what it can do and how to become an A.I. researcher or engineer, they be leading hands-on sessions where the audience have the chance to build fully-functional A.I. first hand. Even people with no prior coding experience will still be able to follow along.

Sessions were sold out within hours of being offered online but anyone can still get involved in the learning by attending the sessions online.  

We see ourselves as an A.I. driven company and A.I. is leveraged heavily by Careem to run the operation and app that you use, so for us this is a great chance to pay it forward and help introduce young people in the UAE to coding and advanced deep-tech.

Here’s something you may not know…

When you book on our app nearly 500 actions happen from the second you press the button to your ride arriving. Within 100 milliseconds it’s worked out where the captains are; in 500 milliseconds it’s found the best match and in 150 milliseconds it’s has figured out the optimal route and milliseconds later it’s estimated the time for the Captain to get there.

Careem app artificial intelligence

Careem’s A.I. program has a state-of-the-art machine-learning cycle. It can predict with 90 percent accuracy what the demand in a certain place will be in two weeks’ time and where Captains will be needed. This helps us ensure that waiting times are a low as possible and our Captains can secure more fares.

And if you use the Careem service for six months, the A.I. will be much more in-tune with your needs because it keeps learning how to provide you with a better service. And we’re improving it all the time.

At Careem our developers work in cross functional teams – product, UI/UX Designers, UX Researchers and Data Scientists as opposed to a traditional model where a product team might brief an engineer in isolation. We believe it’s important to bring the skills together and have a holistic approach so that all parties can see the context around the solution they are working towards.

And we also believe that it’s important to reach out and give a hand up to the next generation of data scientists who will shape the future of the world, from this right here in this region.

For more on the AI Summer Camp  see the Artificial Intelligence Ministry Office’s website.