Careem has launched ride-hailing operations in Basra, Iraq.

Basra is the third Iraqi city in which Careem operates, following their entry into the country last year in Baghdad, and then later expanding into Najaf. The launch in Basra – Iraq’s second-largest city by population – brings ride-hailing to a further 2.5 million people in the country and will operate via existing taxis throughout the city.

Taxi prices are currently unmetered, so Careem’s app will bring a more reliable and consistent approach for customers, with prices that will be at the same level as normal taxis. For taxi drivers, it will help them to connect with more passengers and increase the number of rides – and earnings – each day.

Our presence in Basra will not only improve mobility, it will also create job opportunities for the people in the city. Within the next five years, our vision is to serve hundreds of thousands of customers and create more than ten thousand job opportunities in Basra.

Basra is Iraq’s economic heart, where the majority of the country’s oil production takes place and the home of Iraq’s only deep-water port, but it’s development has been held back by ageing infrastructure and inefficient public transportation services. Careem plans to solve these issues by providing reliable, safe, secure, convenient and affordable transportation options to all segments of Basrawis

Currently, there is no public transportation in Basra, other than small, privately-operated minibuses that serve dedicated routes but without a specific timetable or scheduled stops.

Not only is our technology is helping to create employment opportunities and provide essential mobility for millions of people in Iraq. It is our hope that Careem’s presence will encourage other companies to set up business in Iraq and join us in helping to rebuild and improve the infrastructure of the nation.

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