Four benefits of becoming a Careem Brand Ambassador

Introducing the Careem Brand Ambassador programme.

Who are they and what do they do? They are fun, creative, and passionate students who strive on communicating about the brand. We believe in young talent and this is why we are expanding our Careem Brand Ambassador Programme, but first we want you to learn about the four good things that you’ll earn out of this Program.

Interested in being part of the region’s most favorite car booking app? Do you want to make use of your free time? Become a Careem Brand Ambassador!

1.      Exciting experience
You will sharpen your creativity. You will experience everything from huge campaigns to fun and engaging talks with the audience. Also, you get to speak on behalf of Careem during events which amps up your exposure. People will recognize your face, thus remember your name; talk about a new opportunity! Building brand awareness and increasing the number of Careem users will challenge you to push yourself to perform even better in your personal & educational life.

2.      Build your resume
Extra experience can never be bad for you! Recruiters don’t want to only read about your amazing grades or your skills of drafting excel sheets. They need to learn about you as an individual. Having the words “Careem Brand Ambassador” or “Volunteer” on your resume will surely short-list you for a job position. Why? Because you’ve been an active and passionate student that gives back and spreads awareness!

3.      Connections are everything            
In an exciting company like Careem, we promise that you’re going to come across some interesting people. You will find yourself learning how to deal with the professional teams, the VIP and the simply amazing customers. In any case, you’ll want to impress them and we know that you will.

4.      The perks
Being a Brand Ambassador doesn’t only ease your way to job opportunities. At Careem we value our Brand Ambassadors and their love of our swag; this is why we offer free rides with Careem credit and extra pocket money.

You think you’re up for it? Read more on this link  to apply! Tell us why you think you’d be a great Careem BA. The sooner you apply, the better are your chances of getting shortlisted.