Business profile is a new feature to help business travellers separate their work life from personal on the Careem app and easily expense all the business trips to their company.

The ability to differentiate between business and personal use on the Careem app was the most requested feature by our corporate clients, and as we are on a mission to simplify and improve lives, we were more than happy to create that feature.

You can create a business profile by going to the settings on your Careem app. There you can set automated (monthly, weekly or bi-weekly) ride reports that will be delivered to an email address in PDF form, making expensing simple. The new feature also lets you add a different payment method specific for business trips, to avoid the hassle of changing every time you’re making a work booking.

Now whenever you’re making a booking, you just indicate if this trip is personal or business and let the app do all the work for you.

As you may know, Careem started out as a service for business and we are fully committed to improving the lives of our business travellers, both on our mobile apps where our users spend most of their time, and on web where company admins and bookers make bookings on your behalf.

Sorting out work expenses for travel has long been one of those boring tasks many of us face at the end of each month, and we know the despair of losing a high-value taxi receipt from a work trip that you can now no longer claim back. Business profile ensures that will never happen again, leaving you with one fewer work task, and giving you more time to other things.

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