Careem Call Masking ensures your privacy and safety

At Careem, we value our customers’ privacy and safety. That’s why Careem Call Masking provides number anonymisation for customers who are more comfortable keeping their phone numbers private. To contact the captain, customers can choose to either call directly where the phone number is visible, or anonymously where it will be hidden.

That way, whether you need to coordinate the pick-up with the Captain, or anything else, you can call them while maintaining the privacy of your number.

Calls between Captain and customer are connected through a ride-matching algorithm that substitutes the phone numbers with a generic one. Your Captain won’t see your contact details and vice versa.

Careem Call Masking is part of Careem’s policy to ensure your personal contact details are protected in every ride you take, so that there is never any unwanted contact afterwards.

Aside from protecting your phone number, Careem takes customer data privacy very seriously. The information we do collect, we use to facilitate your ride, such as location for your Captain to navigate and for you to share your ride with friends and family.

Call masking is part of a series of safety features introduced by Careem, all aimed at reinforcing the company’s commitment to making Careem the most trusted ride-hailing app of choice.

This feature is currently available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Turkey, and Pakistan.

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