Careem Captain App is now available on iPhone

Careem Captain app for iOS and iPhone is now live on the KSA app store.

Until recently, Careem Captains could only use the Careem Captain App on an Android phone. However, our tech team has just released a new iOS app for our Captains who are iPhone users, thus saving captains the hassle of having to carry two phones.

We aim to encourage even more people to sign up and drive with Careem, now that we’re covering both iOS and Android platforms. The Captain iOS app is key to our growth, especially in the Saudi market. We’ve re-thought and re-designed the end-to-end Captain journey from scratch, to guarantee our Captains a great experience with Careem.

Rather than just porting over the version that we currently use on Android, the Captain app on iOS was newly and specifically built for the iPhone ecosystem, including an entirely new design and interface.

In creating this, we worked closely with our “Captain Advisory Group” – a group of top Captains – who gave us amazing feedback for iterations and shared city-specific insights, at every step of the process. This was the secret to having thousands of Captains on-board just two weeks after release and the positive feedback we have received so far.

Further updates will be rolled out over the coming months to simplify the lives of our captains with many more features to further enhance and improve the user experience.

We’ve just launched the app in Saudi Arabia and it has already been downloaded and installed by thousands of Captains. It will soon be rolled out to all of our other markets and give people the choice on how they can work with us regardless if they’re an Android or iPhone user.

The app is available for users in KSA via this link

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