Careem captains

Careem Captains create largest GPS-tracked message for National Day

Careem Captains planned unique routes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to create these digital images in celebration of the 47th UAE national day.

To create a specific route that allowed us to spell out our message using the streets of the UAE took weeks of planning. The final route that was decided upon went from Al Qusais to Jumeirah Village Triangle in Dubai, and across the length of Abu Dhabi City in Abu Dhabi.

During the journey, the GPS coordinates of 47 Captains were tracked and plotted to form the map you see in the image – the result was the largest GPS-tracked message ever hosted in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi’s image was the number 47 next to the UAE flag, while for those of you who don’t speak Arabic, the message in Dubai translates as: ‘May this country be forever prosperous’

Dubai map
Abu Dhabi map
Abu Dhabi

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