Careem celebrates 1 billion rides!

It’s safe to say that we’ve had quite a lot to celebrate at Careem over the past 10 years. From radically transforming the way people move around to consolidating over a dozen services within the region’s leading Super App – we’ve helped to simplify and improve life for millions of people all the way from Morocco to Pakistan. 


But today, we’re celebrating an achievement so big that we’re finding it hard to wrap our heads around it! Just a few months after celebrating our 10 year anniversary, we’re excited to complete our 1,000,000,000th ride-hailing trip! (That’s 1 billion for those who are too lazy to count all the zeros). And it wouldn’t have been possible without you – our customers, colleagues, and most importantly, our Captains; the heart and soul of Careem.

The billionth ride was completed by Captain Razak Uppattil, who’s been with Careem for four years. Having completed over 10,500 rides since joining, it seems fitting that Captain Razak would be the one to bring us to this great milestone. And in appreciation of his incredible service so far, Careem has gifted Captain Razak a trip back home to visit his family in India. 

Captain Razak Uppattil

I thank God to have completed the 1 billionth trip. I have been at Careem for about four years and have so many favourite moments. It’s the people that I get to meet from all over the world that I really enjoy. I have three children back home in Kerala, India, and I am so excited to see them soon.

Genera Tesoro, Careem’s 1 billionth passenger

Genera Tesoro, our 1 billionth passenger, seems to share an affinity for Careem as well, as she averages around 50 Careem rides a month. As our 1 billionth passenger (and a committed one at that!), Genera has been gifted ride-hailing trips for one year*.

One billion is a rather incredible number, and a number that we’re extremely proud of. Here are a few other numbers that we’re also proud of at Careem:

  • Careem Captains have driven over 9 billion kilometers across more than 80 cities over 10 years
  • The countries with the highest number of Careem rides are Pakistan (299 million), Saudi Arabia (242 million), and Egypt (230 million)
  • Careem’s first ride took place in the UAE in September 2012 and was booked manually before the first line of code was written from Pakistan a few months later 
  • The percentage of Careem rides paid for digitally has grown from 31% in 2016 to 44% in 2022
  • Careem has more than 50 million registered customers…
  • And over 2.5 million registered Captains, who have been paid over $4 billion in earnings
  • The longest single ride covered 1,113 kilometres, from Riyadh to Jazan in Saudi Arabia
  • The shortest single ride was a 200 metre trip in Lahore (no judgements here, we all have those days)
  • The highest number of trips recorded by a Careem Captain is 35,139 trips by a Captain in Jordan
  • The highest number of rides booked by a Careem customer is over 9,500 rides by a customer in Saudi Arabia.
Here’s to another 10 years of incredible milestones, and another 1 billion rides together! 

*10 rides per month at QAT 30 each