Careem Engineer and Data Scientist Stories

Careem Engineer and Data Scientists tell us about what they do, and why working at Careem is an opportunity to shape the future of millions of people.


Olga Syrova, Member of Technical Staff, Berlin

Careem Engineer

I am a back end engineer, and I chose to be with Careem because I support their mission. Careem is a place where engineers are inspired. We spend our time reflecting on technologies and existing solutions, exchanging points of view, and elaborating the pros and cons in order to get the best of the architecture and processes we use. That’s a typical day at Careem. Your experience and your vision are highly valued here. With people coming from more than 50 different countries, Careem managed to create a very powerful platform where we can create effective and scalable solutions, and change people’s lives for the better.


Oussama Berqi, Data Scientist

Careem Engineer

Being a data scientist is being a pioneer in a new paradigm of thought. It’s living, experiencing and leading breakthroughs, it’s being on the edge between computer science, mathematics, and business thinking. At Careem I can experience the full spectrum of the data science field, it’s the ideal place to be. Careem also has an amazing culture, and great energy. It’s very impressive to see how a group of brilliant people can work together and accomplish a wonderful impact. I am blessed to be part of the Careem family.


Imad Qamar, Engineering Manager, Customer Experience, Careem Engineering, Karachi

Careem Engineer

My time with Careem Engineering is the highlight of both my career and my life. Ground transportation was one of the biggest problems in the region, and back in 2012 we set out to solve it with technology. During the first year, we laid down the technology foundations of what Careem is today. As we rolled out feature after feature in the following years, and as our team grew from two to over 200, we witnessed our code change the people’s way of living. This has been a heart-warming and exhilarating experience for me, and this is what drives my passion every day I go to work.


Navneet Gupta, Engineering Manager, Dubai

Careem Engineer

Being an engineer at Careem means working with hundreds of people from around the world towards one common goal. Every problem we manage to solve impacts the experience of Customers or Captains positively, and seeing the impact of your work immediately, really motivates you. Working at Careem is an opportunity to shape the future of millions of people. Customers rely on us for a reliable service. Captains depend on us for their living. Life at Careem is both challenging and rewarding. It could feel like being on a rocket ship at times and I surely enjoy the ride.


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