Careem Food launches Saudi’s healthiest on-demand food delivery service!

We’ve officially launched Saudi’s healthiest on-demand food delivery service in Riyadh and Jeddah! Our Saudi customers can now order delicious healthy meals with ease (and without a subscription) directly on the Careem app.

We’ve redesigned the app experience for Saudi customers to offer them curated dish collections, nutritional labels, educational health content, and monthly health challenges through Careem Food. Through our partnerships with popular healthy restaurants in Saudi Arabia, such GOBO, BOGA, and Earth Bowlz, customers can find healthy dishes on the app and filter options based on dietary preferences, with visibility on calories and macros. We’ve also partnered with gyms like Fitness First to make memberships accessible to Careem Food customers through special partnerships.

Alex Golden, Global Head of Food at Careem, said: “We’re delighted to make healthy eating more accessible than ever through Saudi’s healthiest on-demand food delivery service. So many of our customers want to get in better shape but find it challenging to eat healthy consistently. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean losing the joy of food or spending hours planning and cooking. With our new app experience, we’ve made it incredibly easy for customers to become the best versions of themselves.”

Ralph Choueiri, Director of Food at Careem KSA, commented: “Reducing obesity and building healthier societies is key to Saudi’s Vision 2030 objectives. Food delivery companies have an opportunity to help prevent early onset health problems such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, by making healthy food more accessible and enjoyable to order. Careem Food’s new healthy delivery service provides customers in Riyadh and Jeddah with multiple touchpoints to access healthy food easily and manage their calories and macros. We’re delighted to see the platform welcomed by so many and can’t wait to celebrate the results of our in-app health programs with the community.”

Under Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia aims to be at the forefront of implementing interventions to address the main behavioral risk factors of obesity, such as unhealthy diets. Vision 2030 includes targets to reduce obesity by 3% and drive a 10% decrease in diabetes prevalence by 2030. According to IPSOS research on changing food habits in Saudi Arabia, 50% of KSA consumers have become more conscious about eating healthy since the pandemic. Careem analysis from 2022 shows that healthy food currently forms 17% of the Saudi food delivery market. 

Careem Food launched in Saudi Arabia in 2019 and now provides customers with a wide selection of healthy meals, information and advice on healthy eating habits, and solutions at their fingertips to make simple daily changes towards a healthier lifestyle. 

To order food, customers can open or download Careem from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or via direct Android download and select the ‘Food’.


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