With the expansion of its operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Careem has spared no effort in introducing reliable and safe transportation services.

Careem caters for all categories and sectors, including the business sector, to enhance work efficiency and reduce any burdens on employees who need to commute to work, as well as provide reliable solutions for those who oversee transportation for employees, and more.

The benefits offered by Careem to companies have attracted a large base of clients from various industries. These benefits include:


Pre-book rides: Safe and reliable trips

Careem offers easy to order and use services; with one click of a button, one of the highly trained and trusted captains can pick you up and drop you off to your desired destination whether to meetings, business lunches or airports. The rider can also track the vehicle’s path from the moment the order is made to the end of the journey.


Easy billing process

With Careem’s trip booking feature, the burden of paying for the trip immediately once the client reaches their destination is a thing of the past. The company provides monthly invoicing to its corporate clients, with which monthly invoices are generated and sent to the concerned department (Human Resources or Finance), with the trip details (departure point to destination point), and the total value of the employees’ business trips. “Careem” allocates a dedicated account manager to follow up on customers’ accounts and provide them with monthly reports on invoices and their details of total distances traveled.


Reduce commuting bill

Careem for business contributes in reducing the operational costs of the transportation of employees whose nature of work require their company to to secure the transportation of employees. This operating model serves in reducing the cost of car fleet purchase, periodic maintenance, daily operating expenses, depreciation costs, as well as insurance and car licensing fees.


Facilitate the tasks of supervisors of managing corporate employee trips

Careem allows the person in charge of employees’ transportation to manage and control reservations for employees and visitors and credit them to the relevant departments, where they can make reservations, issue invoices, and set limits for reservations and trips.


In- ride Insurance

Our customers (4 per vehicle) and Captains are covered under our life & injury policy whenever they’re in a Careem ride. The policy covers accidental disability or death, ambulance services, and medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident.  


Technical support services round the clock

“Careem” provides convenience to its corporate customers and their employees, by providing the service round the clock, and further enhancing it through a call center that operates 24/7, in order to facilitate communication and provide support at any time.