Careem Kids cars are now fitted with the safest child car seat on the market.

Careem, in partnership with Mamas and Papas, have upgraded the Kids fleet to have CYBEX Sirona child car seats, which were awarded test winner by Germany’s leading consumer testing organization Stiftung Warentest.

There are now 100 Careem cars are equipped with the innovative seats and all Captains driving for the Kids fleet have received in-depth training. CYBEX Sirona seats are able can carry newborns as well as infants up to four years old and offers a 360-degree rotation for easy of use.

Children not secured are seven times more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a car accident than secured children, so we’re proud to extend our mission to simplify and improve lives and continue to be the safest way to travel.

The Careem Kids service continues to help parents by ensuring stress-free peace of mind and allowing them to properly focus on the second-most precious item onboard – their phones.