Careem Location Sharing is one of the key safety features on the Careem App – it enables you to share your in-journey location with someone.

You can activate this service once a Captain has been assigned for your ride. Once assigned, you click the share button and send the tracker to any of your contacts via WhatsApp or iMessage.

You contact will receive a URL that lets them click on it to access a web page mapping your ride in progress. That way someone can see exactly where you are and monitor your journey, in real time.

The trust and safety of our customers, Captains and colleagues is something we take very seriously. As we continue to see incredible growth across our footprint, we are working even harder to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience in a Careem ride.

Careem Location Sharing is just one of many trust and safety features that Careem provides to ensure that we are the safest form of transportation in any city in which we are present.