Careem NOW data shows that healthy intentions falter as the week goes on

Careem NOW data shows that healthier options are second only to Arabic food when it comes to ordering food delivery, but healthy intentions falter as the week progresses. 

That people order more healthy food on the weekdays, compared to weekends, should come as no surprise, but Careem NOW data can reveal that our intentions to eat healthier food steadily diminishes throughout the week. 

The highest number of healthy cuisine orders are placed on Sunday, representing nearly one-in-five of the total orders with the Careem NOW app in Dubai. That number gradually decreases as the week goes on and by Friday just one-in-ten orders are from the healthier options available. 

But despite willpower to eat healthier sliding as the week goes on, healthier options are still the second-most ordered option overall. Arabic is the most-ordered cuisine, with one-in-four dishes requested for delivery coming from Arabic restaurants, but it seems Dubai is trying to eat healthier, even if willpower fades. 

American and Indian Cuisine orders go up on the weekends and people order more deserts at that time also. 

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – where Careem NOW also operates – fast food dominates the ordering every day of the week, representing over half of all food ordered. Arabic is a – perhaps surprising – distant second with healthier options third, representing just one-in-ten orders, dropping to one-in-20 at the weekend. 

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