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Careem now has one million Captains

Captains are the reason Careem works, and a major part of why Careem was started in the first place. Four years ago, we announced our target to have one million Captains on our platform by the end of 2018. Today we achieved that target one-quarter early.

When Careem was launched, one of the original motivations behind it was to do something that was big and meaningful. Now, six years later, one million people have joined and become Captains for Careem, gaining meaningful employment across the greater MENA region. There were a lot of people in places like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt who were not employed, or were under-employed, but now they have become productive members of society.

We’ve also launched in Palestine because we saw that there were a lot of lives there that could be improved, then in Iraq and most recently, in Sudan. We’re building a service that can improve the lives of people wherever it goes by giving them an income-generating opportunity as well as mobility.

We are now creating between 60,000 and 70,000 jobs per month across more than 100 cities in 14 countries and our presence is having a positive socio-economic impact for the markets in which we operate. With more than 24 million consumers we are able to generate steady incomes for Captains on our platform.

And our next target is 20,000 Captainahs by 2020.

Here are some facts and figures about our one million Captains…

Careem captains