According to the latest World Health Organisation data the number of annual road traffic accidents in Pakistan reached 27,081 – and it’s estimated that half of those are people on motorbikes.

Non-helmeted motorcyclists are three times more likely to sustain head injuries in a crash compared to   those wearing helmets, and despite the law requiring motorcyclists – and any pillion passengers – to wear a helmet, the sight of non-helmeted motorcyclists is common.

This is why Careem Pakistan has collaborated with the Traffic Police to distribute free helmets to motorcyclists in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Careem Pakistan


Careem aims to be the safest form of transport in any city in which it is operating. Here are three more ways in which we are ensuring the safety and security of our Captains and customers.

Track my Ride – Customers can share their live location with friends and family with this feature

In-ride Insurance- Captains and Customers are insured during their Careem ride

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