Careem partners with AIESEC in Lebanon for Community Development & Youth Empowerment

We do not only try our best to ensure our rides around the city are stress-free, but also, we aim to educate, empower, and develop our societies across our cities. We are ready to offer any help towards effective planning and execution of campaigns focused on noble causes.

We have partnered with AIESEC; a youth-led nonprofit organization that works on peace-building and leadership development through cultural exchange programs. This year-long partnership not only ensures members of the organization get safe & reliable rides daily; but also ensures Careem’s participation in initiatives by AIESEC that provide positive impact to the community.

We kickstarted our partnership through the “MyBookshelf: Language and Education Program for Refugees” In collaboration with the United Nations Information Center and Sonbola NGO. The project’s purpose was to enhance the English language fluency and fill education gaps by providing cross-contextual learning and cultural activities using the English language as a practice tool. The project concluded on the 29th of August, 2017 and it involved 40 International and local volunteers from 9 different countries including local students from 7 Lebanese universities, and up to 200 refugee school students aged 7-14.

We’re so happy to have been part of the “My Book Shelf” project!

Both AIESEC and Careem share the commitment to make a difference in people’s lives. This project is only the first step towards a long-term partnership in Lebanon with the aim of enhancing education, communication, and empowerment!

Careem Team Lebanon



AIESEC is present in in 126 countries and territories; its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.