Careem provides 24/7 roadside assistance in Dubai

We understand that some people have their own cars and don’t need our services every day. That doesn’t stop us from doing our best to remain true to our mission of simplifying people’s lives! We’re pleased to announce that Careem has launched a 24/7 on-demand, roadside assistance service for our customers, called Roadside Assistance.

Requesting roadside assistance in Dubai can be painful. Forget calling service providers, negotiating service rates, sending WhatsApp location pins, and waiting for your technician to arrive. Now you can order your service at a flat-fee and expect a technician to arrive within an average of 20 minutes (in most areas of Dubai). Is your disabled vehicle parked in a garage? No problem! All our services can be provided indoors.

Currently, the service is available in Dubai in collaboration with established third-party roadside assistance companies offering experienced technicians to get your vehicle on its way.

Within this offering, we are excited to provide the following on-site services:

Roadside Assistance is an easy and affordable solution. Here’s how you can book it:

  • Log into your Careem app
  • Choose “Roadside Assistance” from the car types’ menu
  • Enter your location details; the same location has to be added in both ‘Pickup’ and ‘Drop-off’ prompts
  • Confirm your booking
  • Your estimated time of arrival and service fee will be displayed
  • After completing the service, any additional payments will be processed directly by the service provider via credit card or cash at the rates quoted

Service Fee & Costs

The service is priced at a flat Dhs100 (plus VAT), with additional fees for battery replacement and fuel paid directly to the service provider as follows:

ServiceAdditional Cost
Flat Tyre Repair (spare)No additional cost
Battery Boosting / Diagnostic FeeNo additional cost
Car Battery ReplacementBattery cost + VAT (see FAQ) with Dhs100 discount
Emergency Fuel DeliveryFuel cost* + VAT

* Fuel to be priced according to UAE Ministry of Energy regulations; approximately Dhs30-50 for ¼ tank

This is a pilot program and a new product, so we are looking to constantly improve our service and are actively seeking your feedback. Please email us at with your questions/comments and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



What services are NOT covered by Roadside Assistance?

  • Towing/recovery
  • Mechanical failure & repair
  • Non-emergency vehicle services, e.g. oil change
  • Battery-boosting or battery replacement for electric vehicles
  • Flat tyre repair for vehicles without a spare (tyre replacement)

The Careem application asks for a destination; what should I enter?

Please select the same location (your vehicle’s location) for both “pick-up” and “drop-off”

Does my car/roadside insurance cover this service?

At this time, we are not partnering with any insurance companies to offer coverage of roadside services fees. Typically, replacement battery costs and the cost of emergency fuel delivery are not included in roadside assistance packages or vehicle insurance.

Where is the service available?

This service is available throughout all areas of Dubai.

Who are the service providers?

The service providers are professional third-party technicians working with established Dubai-based roadside assistance companies.

How long should I expect to wait for services?

Customers should wait less than 30 minutes for their roadside assistance vehicle to arrive; service time varies by service and vehicle type.

Will the technician be able to access my vehicle inside of a parking garage?

Yes – the technicians are able to access any indoor space; however, please inform your building security of the service to avoid any delays.

I’m unsure whether I require battery boosting or a battery replacement – can Careem help?

Our partner technicians will test your battery and recommend a solution. If the battery is healthy, battery boosting will resolve the issue and provide you with an estimate for when you should consider battery replacement.

My technician found a mechanical issue and was unable to service my vehicle – why am I being charged a fee?

The service fee is a flat rate of Dhs100 for the technician’s time and diagnostic service. If the vehicle is disabled due to an issue other than the services available, the technician will assist in calling a recovery vehicle for towing to a nearby garage.

What’s the cost of emergency fuel delivery in Dubai?

Fuel is regulated by the UAE Ministry of Energy and sold at standard rates throughout the UAE. Please visit the Ministry’s website for more information.

Battery Service & Warranty

What are the prices for battery replacement?

The price of a battery replacement in Dubai varies by size and brand. The ranges by brand are as follows:

BrandFrom (Dhs)To (Dhs)
Ac Delco325650

The cost of a battery change is inclusive of the service fee and will be discounted by Dhs 100 by the technician at the time of service to account for the payment made to Careem.

Does a battery replacement purchased through Careem’s service providers include a service warranty?

Yes, all batteries are sold with a one to two-year warranty. The warranty term varies by battery brand.

My existing car battery requires service but is under warranty; can I use this service?

Anyone can use this service! However, batteries under warranty should be serviced by the same provider/garage which issued the warranty. Warranty service is currently not available for batteries purchased outside of the Careem network.

I have an issue with my replacement car battery purchased through Careem Roadside Assistance; who should I contact?

All battery warranty claims are managed by the service provider. You will receive a booklet with the warranty information at the time of battery change; please keep this with your vehicle. If you require assistance, please contact Careem for help getting in touch with them.


How does payment work?

Careem charges a flat Dhs100 service fee, which can be paid in-app through the usual Careem payment methods (credit card, Careem Credits, and cash).

Additional charges for a replacement battery or emergency fuel be paid to the vendor directly via credit card or cash at the rates highlighted in our blog post. Careem credits are not valid for payment towards this additional charge.

For example, for an emergency fuel delivery in Dubai, a customer will pay Dhs 100 to Careem and approximately Dhs 30-50 directly to the supplier, so the total cost in this case will be Dhs 130-150.

Who will issue a receipt for the services provided?

Careem will issue a receipt for the service fee via email; however, the service provider will issue a receipt for any additional services or fees.


I have questions or feedback on the service I received; who can I contact?

For immediate assistance on your service, please contact Careem:

  • WhatsApp: +971 4 440 5269
  • Phone: +971 4 440 5222 (only available for calls during the service from your Careem registered number)
  • Email: