Careem REWARDS has now launched – here’s what that gives you

Careem REWARDS has now launched across the region, instantly becoming the largest rewards programme with over 33 million users.

You may have already noticed that on your Careem app – in the settings under your name – a rewards points total has recently appeared. This is how many points you have earned so far. No further sign-up is required and you are now automatically earning points for every ride you take.

You’ll earn points on all rides paid by cash, card, or invoice – in any country you are using Careem. You won’t earn points on rides taken using a package or Careem credit, but you will earn points for topping up your Wallet with credit (excluding Fawry for top ups in Egypt).

Mudassir Sheikha, Careem’s co-founder and CEO, said: “We are so thankful to our customers that we wanted to recognise their loyalty with something in return – Careem is the first company in our industry to launch something like this in the region, and it’s a unique programme that rethinks how loyalty schemes work and focuses on simplicity of use and value.”

He explained, “Someone who uses Careem daily to commute will, as a result of Careem REWARDS, get at least two free rides per month – that level of reward is well above the average for a rewards programme.”

Careem Gold

If you take 15 rides a month you will achieve Careem Gold status and enjoy benefits including 50 percent more points awarded on all your rides, priority support across channels, and special offers exclusive to Gold customers, no matter which of our 15 countries you are in while using Careem.

Once unlocked, your Careem Gold status is active for the month in which it was achieved, as well as the following two months. To maintain your Gold status you’ll have to unlock it again before it expires. And you can achieve and maintain your Gold status by taking Careem rides in any of the countries in which we operate.

The launch of Careem REWARDS is part of Careem’s ongoing platformisation strategy as we continue to create the leading tech-enabled platform in the region. Careem customers will soon also earn points on all their food orders placed on Careem NOW, our new delivery app and spend on any of the Careem services.

Then, when you have built up enough points, you can convert those points into credits that will appear in your wallet on the app to use for future Careem rides. Or spend them via the app on a range of rewards or charity donations.

Careem donation partners

Charities we have partnered with include the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and other local charities will appear depending on user’s location.

Just 2,500 points help a refugee obtain cooking gas. Careem REWARDS has also partnered with the WWF in Pakistan and for only 900 points users can help the planet by having a tree planted

We’re delighted to be able to give you the chance to share in our values, to be that bit more awesome, and to help some of the people in the region who are most in need.

And this is just the first stage…

We already have partnerships in place, including schemes with Emirates Skywards, STC Qitaf, Shukran, Air Miles, Etihad and Etisalat Smiles but soon, you will also be able to spend the points you earn on rewards and discounts with more top-tier partners and well-known brands. We can’t say anything yet, but trust us and start earning Careem points.

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