Careem REWARDS has now launched in Pakistan, instantly becoming one of the country’s largest rewards programmes with over 12 million Careemers.

It’s amazing how more and more people are using Careem for their everyday transportation needs. We’re truly touched, and it has motivated us to continue to #BeCareem.

To recognise and reward our customers’ loyalty with something awesome, we’ve come up with a unique rewards programme like never before. From focusing on the simplicity of use and value, the Careem REWARDS programme takes everyone along together.

Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director of Careem Pakistan, shares his excitement, “With the launch of Careem REWARDS, the Careem experience has changed entirely.”

Now every Careem ride earns you reward points, which can be used to get more Careem credits, or to help others. Have a look below and find out everything you need to know.

How does Careem REWARDS work
You don’t need to sign up or register for anything. The app is upgraded automatically to incorporate our new schemes.

So now, with every ride, you earn 10 points for every Rs.20 that you spend. Go ahead, open the app, and tap on the menu button to see how many points you currently have below your name.

  • Tap the menu button in the top left center
  • Tap on your accumulated points under your name
  • Explore your REWARDS options
  • Choose what you want to redeem your REWARDS points for

What can you do with your points?
With just a few clicks you can

  • Plant a tree with 900 Careem points,
  • Plant 5 trees in one go with 4,500 Careem points,
  • Teach a child for 1 Day with 2000 Careem points,
  • Feed a child for 1 day with 2,500 Careem points,
  • Help a Refugee with cooking gas and feed an entire family with 2,500 Careem points!

You can also convert your Careem points to free rides, by redeeming Rs.50 with every 900 points.

Partner Organisations
We have partnered with several social causes which can make it very easy for you to donate via your Careem REWARDS, to the cause of your choice. At the moment, we have on board The Citizen’s Foundation, WWF Pakistan, and UNHCR. With a few simple taps, you can very conveniently contribute to planting trees or feeding or educating children, by donating your REWARDS toward any of these causes.

Level up to unlock Careem GOLD Status
Customers who use Careem very frequently can also unlock Careem Gold status – simply take 15 rides a month. This is super exciting because as a Gold Customer, you get 50 percent extra Careem rewards than otherwise. You also get priority access to our customer services helpline, as well as further special offers.

For example, Gold Customers can convert their Careem REWARDS to get Rs.200 worth of Careem credits in one go. Your Careem Gold status will be active for the current month as well as the next two months.

All this is just the beginning.

What’s next in store for Careem REWARDS?
Very soon, we will be increasing our partnerships network, and you can soon use your REWARDS points to get discounts at your favourite restaurants and retail outlets as well.

The launch of Careem REWARDS is part of Careem’s ongoing platformisation strategy as we continue to create the leading tech-enabled platform in the region.

Stay tuned as we’ll be adding exciting new benefits soon.

Chalo, let’s reward!

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