Careem will match your Careem REWARDS points donations during Ramadan

Throughout Ramadan, Careem will match every donation you make through the Careem REWARDS Program, doubling the good that you do.

Every time you ride with Careem you earn reward points which you can redeem for charity donations, but this Ramadan they’re worth twice as much.

This means that 2,500 points will feed two children instead of one, or provide two refugee families with cooking gas. 6,000 points will be able to fund two children’s education instead of one, and 15,000 points will help feed two children for a week instead of just one.

We’ve made it easy to donate, all you have to do is visit the Rewards section of the app and donate to one of the available options. As soon as you click ‘donate’, we will double your points, convert them to a monetary donation of the same value and send them directly to the charity of your choice.

Together, during this holy month, we will feed, educate, and provide supplies to more people, because Ramadan is about more than fasting, it’s about reconnecting with one another and helping those around us.

This is why we have decided to Build Connections, working together to impact the lives of those who need us the most.

Since the launch of our Rewards Program, we’ve partnered with UNHCR, the World Food Programme and Dubai Cares to deliver lasting impact such as providing high-quality educational opportunities to students, school meals, or critical daily supplies.

Thanks to you, we’ve been collectively able to impact the lives of thousands of people in our region, and this Ramadan we’re doubling that impact.