“SAWA is a new car type by Careem that lets you share an affordable ride with someone going the same way as you. You book a single seat, the second seat gets booked by another commuter, and off you go, together. This convenient way of commuting will be priced at a guaranteed fare, unaffected by traffic or waiting time. You’ll get matched with a Captain faster, and enjoy an interesting ride 😉

SAWA is still in testing phase, so we urge you to try it out and let us know what you think!

Ride together. Ride SAWA.”






Your ride fare won’t be affected by traffic or detours


Increase the chance of matching with a nearby Captain


Meet other Careemers 😉


Sit back and relax, knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint






    1. SAWA car type is an on-demand ride sharing service that allows you to save money by sharing a ride with another passenger heading in the same direction as you.


    1. No, you can only reserve a single seat when riding with SAWA, as the other seat will be available for another Customer to book. This ensures that both Customers commute comfortably.


    1. Yes, it will always be priced lower than any other car type. Your ride fare is fixed with an upfront guaranteed fare and won’t be affected by traffic or detours. You’ll see the fare on your screen before making a booking.


    1. No, you can’t change your dropoff location once you’ve booked a ride. Your dropoff location ensures that we match you with another passenger going the same way. If you need to change your dropoff, you can cancel the ride before you get into the car and book another ride.


    1. Adding a dropoff location is compulsory when booking a SAWA car to ensure that we match you with another commuter going in the same direction as you. Thus, the Captain is required to stick to the quickest route advised by the navigation, and you cannot guide him/her.


    1. The route is designed in the most optimal way to get Customers where they are going without unnecessary detours. The Captain is required to stick to this route, and you cannot ask to change it.


    1. Careem matches you with the nearest passenger going the same way as you which might add a few minutes to your overall ride. You can always check your estimated time of arrival on the app. If you’re in a hurry, it may be better to book a regular Careem instead.


    1. SAWA is only made available in areas and during times when it is most likely for us to find two people heading in the same direction. For this reason you may not see SAWA all the time.


    1. To make sure all Customers, as well as the Captain, have an optimal ride experience, the Captain is expected to wait no more than two minutes according to SAWA car type’s cancellation policy. This way, we are trying to eliminate the chance of one Customer making another late.





  1. Sawa can only be booked if a dropoff location is provided.
  2. Sawa booking is for one (1) person only, and no extra guests may accompany the Customer.
  3. Sawa booking is for a maximum of 2 person only, and no more than one guest may accompany the Customer.
  4. The duration of the ride may vary as the Captain might need to pick up and drop off Customers on the way.
  5. The Captain reserves the right to cancel the ride at his discretion if the Customer does not show up after a respectable waiting time.
  6. The Captain reserves the right to refuse a booking if the Customer does not comply with the regulations.
  7. The guaranteed fare of the ride is calculated on an ad hoc basis, at the time of booking. The fare between the same locations on a different occasion may vary.