Careem’s Ultimate Day Tripper Guide. Discover UAE with us.

If you have friends or family visiting, Careem’s Day Tripper is just what you need! Here’s the scoop of our favourite places to visit in the UAE to make the most out of your trip. Need a ride to get around in the big city? No hassle – Download the Careem app and use the promo code DAYTRIPPER for 15% off between 10AM to 4PM and unlock exclusive offers by showing your Careem receipt to our partners.
Abu Dhabi 
It’s the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and it’s all the rage with lots of fun activities and sites to see! While touring the city or relaxing in a unique surrounding of the Eastern Mangroves Promenade, we suggest you stop by Cafe Bateel for a selection of gourmet foods, coffee, superb pastries and it’s the perfect place to bring back gifts for the family. The date chocolates are a must try!
Another unmissable attraction is the Louvre Abu Dhabi and its latest acquisition, Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”, a masterpiece that dates back to the 1500’s.
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Almost mistaken as Dubai’s official sport, the city is home to one of the world’s grandest and largest malls.
In case you didn’t know – The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall and not only does it offer shopping, but visitors can also head over and marvel at the Dubai Aquarium and the Dubai Ice Rink. It so happens that the Dubai Aquarium is the largest suspended aquarium on Earth and you are bound to see rare species of fish.
Did you know that there are around 10 million liters of water in the Dubai Aquarium? In addition to the 48- meter aquarium, there is an underwater zoo that is home to a king Croc, sea otters, piranha, penguins and many other animals.
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Not a fan of fish? Here’s your chance to visit the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building with the world’s fastest elevators. Experience the unforgettable, and bask in the views that the modern city has to offer. We suggest to visit the Burj Khalifa during sunset time. The perfect way to end the day! Can we officially call Dubai the city of lights?
While Dubai is renowned for its glitz and glamorous shopping centers and promenades, the traditional markets – also referred to as ‘souks’ – are a must visit! Not only is the souk the perfect place to seek out traditional treasures, but they play an important role in daily life and trade.
Also known as the jewels galore and the largest gold bazaar in the world, the Gold Souk offers an essential experience to those who are looking for jewelry pieces of all kinds, or to those who are looking for traditional baubles and souvenirs to bring back home!
We recommend those visiting Dubai to head down to the souks and wander through the traditional streets and soak up the Arabian culture.
Did you know that Dubai received the name of ‘City of Gold’ because of the Deira Gold Souk? Is that convincing enough for you to pay a visit to the souks?
To compliment your cultural day, we highly recommend you to have a look at XVA Gallery. Their patio is the ideal spot to relax, savor their renowned lemonade or discover unique artworks done by Middle Eastern artists. The Cafe also offers a wide range of fresh and healthy lunch options.
Dubai’s weather is at bay and it’s that time of the year to soak up the sun!
Any visit to Dubai is not complete without spending a day at the beach! We suggest you head down to our favourite spot, Kite Beach. Rated as Dubai’s favourite community beach, Kite Beach is the ultimate place to kick back and enjoy activities like kitesurfing, soap football, beach volleyball, kayaking and visitors can choose from an array of delicious food trucks and cafes.
We suggest ending the perfect beach day with a cool, refreshing and healthy snack from Wanna Banana.
The boulevard of stylish boutiques, outdoor markets, restaurants and entertainment.
Whether its afternoon shopping, late night dining by the beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence is perfect destination for all tourists to enjoy and unwind.
From dusk till dawn, the boulevard is vibrant with music, street entertainers, performances and it is even the perfect place to take a stroll and watch the world go by.
Fancy a day at the beach or want to get a little active? Jumeirah Beach Residence offers watersports, a 600 meter running track and fully equipped outdoor gyms that offers classes.
Everyone has a place at Jumeirah Beach Residence!
Your Dubai experience is officially complete with a trip to the desert. Dubai, which is also renowned for its beautiful deserts and a range of fun activities. Whether you are heading to the desert to experience adrenaline rushes or simply heading to the desert for a peaceful escape or getaway – we suggest paying a visit to our favourite desert, Al Qudra.
A celebrated desert for families and friends, Al Qudra features cafes, bike shops, cycling tracks and a cluster of lakes that is home to hundreds of exotic birds. Got a day to spare? We recommend camping and gazing at the stars – look out for those shooting stars! Got an afternoon to spare? We recommend a day at Al Qudra lakes for a picnic or barbecue.
The Palm Jumeirah 
Another must see attraction in Dubai, The Palm is known as the world’s first series of artificial islands in the shimmering emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. The islands were created and grouped together to form a shape of a palm tree, hence the name The Palm Jumeirah. The Palm features stunning hotels, resorts and activities including yachting and speed boating. We highly recommend paying a visit to the famous hotel, The Atlantis.
Did you know that The Palm Jumeirah is originally billed as the Eighth Wonder of the World?
Yalla let’s go!
The Careem UAE Team
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