Data Privacy, PII and Security

At Careem, we protect our Customers’ data by maintaining industry best practices for security. Our Customers trust us with their bank cards, personal data and other information while using our services. Our aim is to honor that trust, so we make sure we’re meeting the highest standards of Data Privacy & Protection, protecting our Customers, Captains and partners from data privacy breaches. 

Data Privacy regulations govern the way we collect, manage, store and share any Customer, Captain or Colleague data. Privacy laws help people exercise their rights, such as the right to be forgotten, and the right to access and to the modification of their data. 

The most important element of data privacy that everyone should know about is Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

What is PII?

PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is any type of information that can identify an individual. some examples of PII are:

  • Name: An individual’s first and last name, alias, maiden name or mother’s maiden name
  • ID number: Social Security Number, passport number, driver’s license, tax ID or credit card number
  • Address: Email or postal mailing address
  • Characteristics: Photographs, fingerprints, biometric data such as voice signature or facial geometry and signature or handwriting. 
  • Linkable data: Indirect data that links someone to things like employment information, date of birth, medical history or financial information

For protecting data and complying with data protection laws, both Data Privacy and Data Security are important. Even though these two terms may look similar, they have different meanings:

Did You Know? 

  • Data Privacy focuses on the rights of individuals and how their personal data is collected and processed and transmitted.
  • Data Security focuses on how data is protected from internal and external threats by implementing security controls from endpoints to networks in order to protect data

Read our blog to know more about how we secure our customers and keep their data secure. 

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