Designing a Super App experience for 50 million users: A Case Study by Koos

The following excerpt is from a case study about Careem by Koos, one of our service design partners. Koos has been a strategic partner in developing a unified and scalable super app experience through Careem in the MENAP region. Read the full case study here

Careem & Koos; A strategic partnership

“Designing a Super App is not an easy task and there are little to no examples of how to do it right. Imagine designing an app that includes grocery delivery, and an on-demand home cleaning service, and car rental. All services have completely different customer journeys and user needs. Yet, they have to feel like they are part of the same app from a user experience perspective.

The main challenge we are working on is making Careem feel like one unified app. Assuring it is not only a Super App in terms of the number of services it offers, but also the quality and consistency of the experience. We work on brand new features that tie all services together and enhance the Super App value, making it so smooth you want to stay inside the Careem universe.

But that is only what our users see. In the background, we are also shaping the design team’s way of working to reflect the Super App direction. Applying a holistic and human-centered design approach in everything we do, preaching the gospel among our fellow designers while having a seat at the decision-making table. One of our missions has been to work out a strategy to onboard new services to the app in a quick, scalable and unified way to make them feel and look as an integrated part of the Careem ecosystem.”


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