Didi Chuxing, Welcome to the Careem Family

Unlike many developed parts of the world, our region did not get the opportunity to build sophisticated urban transport infrastructure. That held back our economic growth for the last few decades. At Careem, we are on a mission to leap-frog our cities into having technology-enabled mass-transit systems that will simplify the lives of people and accelerate our economic growth. Today, we’ve taken a huge step toward achieving that goal, and we’re happy to announce a strategic partnership with DiDi Chuxing, the world’s largest mobile transportation platform.
DiDi is no stranger to leap-frogging. It serves more than 400 million users in 400 cities with over 20 million rides per day, and is on a mission to build an open and sustainable global mobility ecosystem to advance transportation technology and product innovations.
Our collaboration, while DiDi’s first foray in the Middle East and North Africa region, fits naturally with this ambition. Our partnership will enable us to share knowledge and resources about various topics, including intelligent transportation technology, products and operations, helping to accelerate mobility in the region. Our vision is  to be the largest mover  of people in the wider  Middle East and Africa region – from Morocco to Turkey to Pakistan, we want to continue building our footprint and set new standards for the industry through our strong focus on innovation and community engagement. DiDi, which also announced today that it has invested in Careem, will help us drive greater affordability for reliable mobility services and scale them to the masses. 
“Growing urban populations and economic and social diversity in the MENA region present enormous opportunities for the ride-hailing economy,” said Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of Didi Chuxing. “Careem is the region’s technology and market leader. Through technology exchange and co-development, we look to support continued growth and transformation of the region’s transportation industry, tap into the significant potential of the local internet economy and foster more innovative services for a broader network of communities around the world.”
We’re very excited to welcome DiDi to the Careem family and look forward to working with them on our journey to simplify the lives of people in our region.