Avail 10% off dining at one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai


Established in Dubai in the year 2000, Gazebo Restaurant quickly rose to fame, earning the title of one of the best Indian restaurants in town—all thanks to their exquisite Indian delicacies and unmatched services. 

The menu at Gazebo is predominantly North Indian, featuring the absolute best biryanis and kebabs you can find. With timeless recipes, each dish takes you on a journey back in time, prepared with the freshest ingredients and Indian spices. It’s nothing short of a regal dining affair. 

Gazebo is the proud symbol of excellence in Indian cuisine, with 16 branches serving the best Indian dishes all over Dubai. For a great dining adventure, head to Gazebo and experience the magic of Indian flavours!

With Careem you can avail 10% off your dining bills at any of the Gazebo outlets in Dubai. All you need to do is download the app and pay your bills through Careem DineOut.*


*These offers are exclusive to CareemPlus subscribers.


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