Get trips where YOU want to go with destination filter

We know that many of you have a lot of things to worry about and need to manage when and where you are working. So, we built destination filter to give you the power to choose where you want to go and get trips on the way there.

So what is a destination filter?

  • Destination filter enables you to add a destination to get you closer to where you want to go. Most Captains set destinations to go to busy areas, go home or get out of traffic.
  • You can set destination filter 2 times a day. In the app, you will see “2 left” in a green bubble that shows the number of destination filters you have left for the day.
  • Once you set a destination, expect to get a trip near or on the way to that destination within 60 minutes.


How does it work?

  1. Make sure you are online to be able to set a destination.
  2. Tap “Set destination”.
  3. Search for the location in the “Select Destination” bar.
  4. Confirm destination.
  5. Now, you will only receive bookings that will get you closer to that area.

If you are more than 100 KMs away, you will receive a message saying that the destination is too far.


  • Don’t wait for a booking. It’s best to drive towards your destination and let the filter match you with a booking.
  • You will know that you have consumed all your two destination filters when the destination filter button changes from green to orange.
  • If you go offline/busy while destination filter is active, it will be consumed and deactivated.
  • When you deactivate destination filter, you can receive bookings as normal.


There you have it. When you want to get a booking on the way to a busy area or close to your home, just set your destination. It’s that easy.