GO (Pilot) to be discontinued as of September 1st

In collaboration with the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), the GO car type was launched as a Pilot Project in 2017 and is now coming to an end. As of September 1st, this option will no longer be available in Dubai.

We continuously strive to deliver affordable and comfortable rides, while maintaining the reliability of our experience and offering a high-quality service. Book your next ride with our Economy car type, with lower ETAs and higher-rated Captains.

Earn your Rewards Points, and benefit from our different features; redeem your points for Careem credits or choose to buy a Package to enjoy discounted rides. Enjoy an affordable and reliable service with 24/7 Customer Care. Click on the sidebar menu of the app to check out the different ways you can ride with our Economy.

Thank you for taking GO rides, and we hope you enjoy your next Economy booking.



Why was GO discontinued?

GO car type was launched as a Pilot Project in 2017 in collaboration with the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA). The Pilot project ended today September 1st. This is why the car type was removed from our App.


What is the cheapest option besides GO?

Check out our available Packages in the side menu of the app. Pay upfront for 3,6,10 or 20-rides and redeem them for free up to AED25 each. Get started with the 3-rides package to give it a try. For AED54 only, you can purchase 3 rides upfront. That’s the equivalent of the price of 1 ride!

Purchase your Package and choose Economy to ride with high rated captains and low ETAs. Don’t forget, you can also redeem your collected Careem REWARD Points for credits and ride for free. For any assistance, you can always call our Customer Care anytime any day during and after your Economy ride.


What about HALA Taxis? Is it cheaper than Eco?

When booking the HALA car type you are booking an RTA Taxi. Hala offers the same price per km as street hailed Taxis, with a base fare starting from 8 AED during regular hours to 12 AED during peak hours.


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