“Go Share” trips are trips that enable multiple Customers heading in the same direction to share a ride and the cost. So far, only Captains using android mobiles were able to accept Go Share trips, but now, this feature has been launched to Captains using iPhones too, enabling them to benefit from more trips and earn more!

What are Go Share trips?

  • A “Now” trip where Captains can pick up multiple customers who want to head towards a destination.
  • Maximum Go share customers are 3 customers. This means a max of 3 pickups and up to 3 drop-offs along the route.
  • You can see the full trip earnings in the Captain portal at the very end of the trip.
  • Go Share policy: Each customer can only have 1 seat (can not bring their friend) and is not allowed to do multi stops or detours.

How it works

  1. You will receive a “Go share” trip as per booking offer below
  2. Accept the booking, pick up your first customer, and start driving towards your first customer’s drop-off. (like any normal booking)
  3. While driving to your first customer’s drop-off, you may get a request to pick up a 2nd or 3rd customer on your way. If you accept the trips, the navigation will automatically update to the new location for customer pickups.
  4. Once you pick up all the customers, drop off the customers in the order that the GPS provides.
  5. Rate each customer with each drop-off, and check full trip earnings after the last customer drop-off in the captain portal.

Tips on Screens (below):

1. Booking Offer indicates “Go Share” (in place of sawa) meaning a Captain can expect to receive more customer pick-ups for this trip.

2. Route earnings display. This is specific to pooling trips. The Captain can check the total earnings from all trips after the last customer drop-off via the Captain Portal.

3. Job information. If Captains click on the small square at the bottom right corner of the booking, they will be able to view all job information – which are the details of each trip on the same route.


  1. How is pooling booking different from a normal booking?
  • There are multiple bookings/trips included in a single route. The captain has to pick up and drop off multiple customers in the entire route.
  • Pooling is called “go share” in the booking offer.
  • Captain can only see route earnings in the Captain portal at the end of the trip.
  1. Where can I check my earnings for a pooling booking?
  • Captain portal. The “route earnings” are displayed there at the end of the trip.
  1. Can I opt out of pooling?
  • Currently, all Captains are eligible for Go Share trips by default and can not opt out.
  1. Do I get rated by every customer on a Go Share trip?

Yes, each customer in the pooling trip will rate the captain separately.