In memory of Captain Muhammad Yaseen

Captains are the backbone of Careem. It’s their hard work and spirit which allows our network to serve you. February 25th, 2017 was a devastating day for Careem Pakistan. Our revered Captain, Mohammad Yaseen, passed away in a car accident. At the time of the unfortunate event, Yaseen was driving alone. He was on his way to Jinnah International Airport in Karachi when his car spiralled out of control at a sharp turn and hit a tree. Passer-by’s, police, rangers and an ambulance reached the scene fairly quickly, however he unfortunately was stuck in the vehicle for hours because the rescue team was not well equipped to open the car.
Like our other Captains, Muhammad Yaseen also had an entrepreneurial mind set. Prior to driving on our network, he was a small business owner. He hoped to buy more cars and become a vendor. Little did anyone know that these dreams would be short lived. He was soon to be engaged and leaves behind brothers and their respective family.
Yaseen’s passing is a huge loss for his family and everyone at Careem and we pray that Allah bestows upon him the highest honours and gives his family the strength to bare this enormous loss. 
This unfortunate incident has left us with a grave lesson. We urge the government to invest in state-of-the-art rescue equipment – the availability of hydraulics rescue equipment could have saved Yaseen’s life. We also urge all Captains and customers to always have their seat belts on. Careem is further setting up protocols and investing in technology which will alert our control rooms about sudden breaking, excessive speeding or a sudden loss of contact.
We have also partnered with UBL Insurance last year to provide captains with the most comprehensive policies possible at the absolutely lowest rates, which can help cater to such unforeseen circumstances.
Yaseen inspired others in his neighbourhood to join our network and took immense pride in his work. To honour his memory, Careem is in the process of opening a recruitment centre in his neighbourhood, named after him. To ensure that the livelihood of his family isn’t affected, we will be facilitating a car loan for his family member.
We understand that such circumstances are inevitable part of life. We request all of you to pray for Muhammad Yaseen.