It’s not an app…It’s Everyday life, made simple.

Back in June, Careem unveiled its multi-service app to the world (aka the Super App) to make everyday life a little simpler. One app where you can book a ride, order food, shop, pay and earn rewards!

To mark Careem’s transition as a ride-hailing company to the region’s everyday Super App, the film “Everyday life, made simple,” uses the power of real, everyday moments in people’s lives. The common denominator: Relatable situations that are all solved with a physical “tap” on the Careem Super App.

“At Careem, we care about people, so we’ve brought together the essential, everyday services in one place, easy to reach with one tap. They’re tailored to local needs, so our customers are able to get right to the services that are most important to them.” – Noha Zeid, Director of Marketing at Careem.

The cast is as diverse as our customers, spreading across 13 countries and is being released across five markets: KSA, UAE, Pakistan, Jordan and Iraq:

“The campaign is inspired by Careem’s brand promise: One app. Less hassle. More Life. ‘More Life’ suggested something limitless, dynamic, almost magical. Careem’s intention is to add something to the your life by taking away whatever is in their way,” says Haya Kalbouneh, Senior Brand Manager at Careem.

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