Knock Knock! Your Delivery is Here

Hello Careemer,

We know getting things delivered around Doha is challenging at times.

We’ve all been there and that’s why at Careem we wanted to give you a hand.


Introducing Careem Delivery

Careem Delivery is a service that allows you to pick up and drop off anything you want, anywhere in Doha like having your bags picked up from a friend’s house or getting your dry cleaning!

We can even purchase items on your behalf and have them delivered to you! Like your morning coffee!

For QAR 15 only!


How does it work?

Start your Careem app
Pick the Delivery Car type
Choose the pick up location for your item (e.g. Bakery)
You must enter what needs to be picked up in the “Add Details” section
Press Ride Now
Choose the location where you want your item dropped off to (e.g. Grandma’s House)
Press Yalla!
When the Captain reaches the drop off location, pay him for the trip fare & for the price of your item (if applicable)

Ts & Cs:

You cannot ride using Delivery Car Type
Captains can purchase items on your behalf that cost up to QAR 150 only
Captains have the right to check the items delivered to insure their safety
You must pay the price of the item delivered plus the trip fare in order to receive your items
Captains can do up to 2 stops per delivery trip
Items must not exceed 35x35x35cm in size
This service is available from 8 AM – 8 PM