Lost & Found

Lost something?  The quickest and easiest thing to do is contact your Captain as soon as possible.  If your item is in the vehicle, you can directly arrange for your Captain to return it to you.  Please note that as our Captains are independent contractors and you may be charged a trip fee for the journey to return the item. 

Neither Careem nor its Captains or employees should be held responsible for any items left in a Careem vehicle after your ride.

If your ride finished within five minutes, you can contact the Captain directly.  If your ride finished longer than five minutes ago, you can message our Care (call centre) Colleagues – on the app’s menu, Go to ‘Get Help  / ‘Report a problem / I lost an item. 

If the Captain has dropped off your lost item at one of our offices, you can collect it there.  Please note that you will have to provide a valid ID card and you must be able to identify / prove that the item is yours. 

  • Valuable items (such as cash, cards etc.) will be stored for 90 days
  • Documents of files will be stored for 30 days then destroyed securely
  • Clothing items will be stored for 30 days then handed over to a local charity
  • Electronic items will be stored for 90 days then recycled 
  • Foodstuff and soiled articles will be disposed of immediately
  • Identification documents (driving license, passport etc.) will be stored indefinitely

If you’ve lost your phone and/or don’t have access to your account, you can create a Lost & Found inquiry here:



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