Need help? Customer Care is a tap away!

Customer Care is here to help you with any help you might need during or after your ride. 

Here are a few steps on how you can raise any complaint through the app!


How to report a problem?
After the ride ends

Step 1: Click on your rides
Step 2: Click on a trip
Step 3: Click on “report a problem”
Step 4: choose an issue
Step 5: Call or email Careem Care



Step 1: Click on the “Safety” toolkit
Step 2: Choose “Help Center”
Step 3: Click on “Get help” on your current ride
Step 4: Choose an issue
Step 5: Call Careem Care 



Unable to log into your Careem account?

Contact us on:

Phone Number: 00 800 100628

Social Media: Instagram @Careemqat
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                      Twitter @Careemqat