Now you can book a Dubai Taxi on the Careem app

You can now book a Hala (Dubai Taxi) through Careem!

Innovation doesn’t have to be completely different. Sometimes, it’s taking something that you love and making it more accessible. This is exactly what Hala is doing with Dubai Taxi. The same affordable service that is easier to book and more convenient to ride.

We know that price is important. For so long, Dubai Taxi has been the most affordable taxi in the city, helping people move from A to B and back again in the most cost-effective way. This is why we have kept the price the same as what you’re used to. The same meter, the same fare, but now you have the benefit of viewing a cost estimate up front. And, you can pay with cash, card or Careem credit for each ride.

You heard that right. Hala will offer customers the same price per km as street-hailed RTA taxis. As always, there is a base fare, which covers the Captain’s pickup costs and prices are dynamic so you pay less in times of low demand. Best of all, booking a Dubai Taxi through our app will provide access to additional benefits like Careem Rewards.

You can see all the details of Hala (Dubai Taxi) pricing in the table below:


In Ride Fare – Same as regular Dubai Taxis

Moving (above 16 km/h) Waiting (below 16 km/h)
AED 1.91 per km AED 0.50 per min

Base Fare

Off Peak Night Peak
AED 8 AED 9 AED 12
Dynamic Hours Sunday – Wednesday Thursday – Saturday
Off Peak 6 AM – 7 AM

10 AM – 4 PM

8 PM – 10 PM

6 AM – 4 PM
Night 10 PM – 6 AM 12 AM – 6 AM
Peak 7 AM – 10 AM

4 PM – 8 PM

4 PM – 12 AM


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